The Kevlexicon Mixtape About

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1. Headlines – Kevlexicon, produced by Sniper SP @ G’Ganji

2. Wataamka – Kevlexicon ft. Agano @ Audio Kusini

3. Still Strong – Nafsi Huru, Kevlexicon, & Nje @ Ufuoni Records

4. God’s Children – Smallz Lethal, Flamez, Kevlexicon & Kev Mamba [ Washamba Wenza ] @ G’Ganji

5. Living It Loving It – Silver, Skobo, Kevlexicon, Kaktus Kusini, Ekori Turkana & Liqweed @ Audio Kusini

6. Drunk n Fuck – Kevlexicon, Agano, & Mohjay @ Audio Kusini

7. Sahaulika – Ekori Turkana, Skobo, Gas Fyatu, Blackfella, Edu Doo Mambo, Kaktus Kusini, & Kevlexicon @ Audio Kusini

8. Tumechoka – Kidis, Silver, Ekori Turkana, Skobo, Gas Fyatu, Edu Doo Mambo, Kevlexicon, & Kaktus Kusini @ Audio Kusini

9. Not for kids (freestyle) – Kevlexicon, instrumental by DomBeatz @ KlanVillage

10. Pass Vela – Ndugus Eliphaz Uswakamili, Edu Doo Mambo, Kaktus Kusini, Ekori Turkana, Gas Fyatu, BlackGzas, & Kevlexicon @ Audio Kusini

11. Slenge – Ekori Turkana, Gas Fyatu, Kevlexicon, & Kaktus Kusini @ Audio Kusini

12. Dance ndani ya club – Kevlexicon, BlackGzas, & Gas Fyatu @ Deep East Studio

13. Phantom Smile – Waterfall

14. Mwangaza – Gas Fyatu, Kevlexicon, & BlackGzas @ Deep East Studio

15. Dear Life – Kevlexicon & Kaktus Kusini @ Audio Kusini

The Kevlexicon Mixtape

KEVLEXICON arrived in Nairobi in April 2011, steadily working on his mixtape at Audio Kusini studio in Kahawa Wendani. He has worked with Ukoo Flani Mau Mau artists such as Agano, BlackGzas and Gas Fyatu, new generation underground Nairobi rappers Washamba Wenza, Mombasa coast singing sensation Kidis, upcoming ragga artist Liqweed Flavor and producers such as Kaktus Kusini, NJE (of Ufuoni) and Sniper SP (of G’Ganji).

Since April 2011, the mixtape has expanded from its core of politically conscious underground rap (see: Tumechoka) to collaborations with artists and producers with unique feels ranging from as soft and sweet as ice cream gospel (God’s Children) to hardcore and bitter as concrete conscious rap (Headlines). Included in the mixtape are dance and party tracks, songs to get weed-ed to (Living it, Loving It), and tracks with old school hip hop flow vibes (Still Strong), and even a controversial horror track (Wataamka). There are also songs with African ethnic fusion influence, such as those recorded with the artist Ekori Turkana (Pass Vela). Songs are performed in Swahili, Sheng, and English.