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I’d love to continue putting out quality hip hop content with a focus on historical awareness and economic inequality. Please consider investing in Hip Hop. Funds invested will go towards the purchase of A / V gear to aid in the completion of hip hop creative works, and build a platform for economic self-sufficiency. Thank you.

Invest in Independent Hip Hop with Historical and Economic Awareness! Your Support will Increase the availability of Quality Hip Hop Content! Your Investment will assist in the purchase of badly needed A / V gear! The studio mic and camera really need an upgrade! Upgraded software and a light kit will greatly expand the mobile studio!

East African Hip Hop Lecture @ Rutgers University

Hip Hop Kambi Blog

Documentary on Economic Inequality

Short version:

– Hi, I’m Kevlexicon. My exposure to East African hip hop inspired me to embark on hip hop creative works with a focus on historical awareness and economic inequality.

– Thus far, I’ve given a lecture at Rutgers University, created a blog that contextualizes East African hip hop, and filmed a series of music videos and documentaries. I am currently seeking financial assistance in order to generate more, high-quality content.

– Economic investment would go towards A / V gear, durable assets will provide a platform for skill-building and economic independence

– if you enjoy my content, kindly consider investing in our movement, and we will return your investment with more historically inspired, economic inequality-aware content!



…please invest, yoh. No movement can exist without an economic base, huey p said that.